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To the Black 05 in Marshfield, WI

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To the Black Tribal 05 in Marshfield, WI

What the hell are you thinking?!! 100+ on Peach Street, near the fair grounds?! That's a rural area with children you duche bag! You freaked the hell out of that red car and she nearly took ME out you putz! I wasn't waving at you, i was shaking my fist! You and your Harley friend need to find anouther place to make noise and cheat death. Since neither of you gear up at all, it wont be too hard for you two squidbillies to die soon.

Think before you fire one out of the gun, and nearly take out anouther rider.
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I hate hearing about stuff like this...glad you are ok at least
me too. they both just bolted from the stop sign, but at least the guy on the harley noticed what was going on and slowed wayyy down.
Sorry about that... I'll slow it down next time.
lolololololololol! yeah right Iowa!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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