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Ever since I purchased my 600RR, many of my friends are becoming increasingly interested in pursuing the beloved sport as well. I am very happy to welcome them and to teach them. But at the same time, I am nervous because I fear that I may not set a good example. Last weekend, a good friend of mine asked me to email him if there is any good reading material on motorcycling while he waited for his scheduled MSF course in few weeks. After I was done with writting the email to him, I thought "Why not SHARE with more people?"

So without further a due, here was my email written to my friend Jake.

charles's email said:
Here are some information you may want to look over when you are bored. You have plenty of time left to have fun this season, but please try to read and inform yourself as much as you can!

As the old saying goes..."Great power is nothing without great control." Hahaha lame! but true.

As you already know, I have absolutely fallen in love with motorcycling, and I probably talk about how much fun it is all the time. I must also share with you that there are different degrees of inherent risks involved with the sport as there are with any other sports. Although I thought I was a careful rider, I ended up crashed already this season, because I simply wasn't paying attention/respect. Let me be the person to make that mistake for everyone and I wish everyone can come away better prepared to learn. Please respect what the machine can do "for" you as well as "to" you. Ultimately, the pilot is in control.

Anyways, it took me long time to make this list for you so please read them, I have read them all at least twice since last year. Have fun!

Basic Riders Course Text
You should know this book front to back. Everything in this short text should be common sense.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Website
You can register for the MSF course here. The M endorsement is given out upon the completion of this course. This course also qualifies for the insurance premium deduction.

The "HURT" Study
This was a research done by the California Department of Transportation about motorcycle accidents.
Some of these statistics can give us clearer understanding about the myths that surround motorcycling.

The Street Survival Guide
This website has a compilation of amazing articles written about motorcycle safety. Many of the articles are written by professional motorbike journalists. I've read every articles in the archive, they're all good read.

Before you buy a used motorcycle guide
When buying a new motorcycle is not an option, please refer to this guide before you go out to look at used bikes.

Speed Thrills Action Pics
Fun Fun Fun

Lastly but not least...

Live to Ride, Ride to Die
This website is not work safe. This website reminds us that we are not invincible. Many pictures in this website are extremely gory. Don't let it discourage you from the sport, there are MILLIONS of car accidents, sport injury out there as well. Any compilation of accidents and injuries from one specific activity are bound to instill a biased view of that particular activity. Please remember to ride within your limits, maximize your situational awareness, minimize potential risk and always wear your safety gear!
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