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Hey all,
I bought my RR used at 6200 miles and have done chain adjustment and lubing till now.
Its 8000 miles service is due. I've the service manual and plan to do the service myself over the thanks giving weekend.
I have a bike stand for my rear axle and i might be able to arrange for a front stand as well.

My concern is I do not know what tools I need to do all that is needed.
Does somebody here have a list of tools I might need; just do not want to buy tools that i do not need (bulk deals n such).
People here must have done it and must know what all they used.

You can reply here or PM me.

thanks a bunch and happy thanks giving

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you dont anything more complicated than a torque wrench.
allen wrench to get the fairings off.
oil filter wrench.
oil pan bolt socket
assorted screwdrivers etc
the best thing to do is look at your manual, see what needs to be inspected or replaced and go look on the bike for those parts. chances are you will see immediatly what tools you would need

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Here is the list of tools and parts I used
1. Sears 94 piece mechanical tool set $49.99 +tax
2. 1-1/4" combination wrench
3. oil filter wrench (generic one)
4. oil drain pan
5. pit bull rear stand
6. chain clean and chain lube
7. oil filter n oil
8. 06 service manual
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