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Toyota 200 Race Willow Springs 9-17-06

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No Crest for me this Sunday, the race is this weekend. This is the biggest race of the year for WSMC, First place Gets $50,000. Im going with a few friends, should be alot of fun. The main race starts around 1:30pm and there is a 250 and a 50 race before that. We'll be caging it. I probably roll out around 9 or 10. Who's going?

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Damn Jeff you just can't get out the track huh if you are not racing you go see the races sucker. Lol I'm in too should be fun!
Wish I could make it out this year, but my car got stolen and I'm sure as hell not riding 6 hours to ride 6 back in one day... :( Went last year and it was a blast. Pit bitched for Tony Meiring in the rain.
dude im in too, make sure u bring an umbrella or sumthin for shade, it has been kinda cool out here recently but u never know
racer fatality.

I have watched footage of the accident shot with a long lens from above T6. Jesus passed another rider coming out of T8 on the inside. As they went into T9 that same rider began to pass him back on the outside as he pulled up along him Jesus got a little tank slapper (from the rear sliding maybe?) he slowed then and came off his bike and the other rider continued on uneffected. It's unclear if they touched or not but if they did it would have been very gentle as the other bike was not effected.

As Jesus slid across the center of the track he was hit by another rider who then went down. I believe another went off trying to avoid them both.

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