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Right then, our faithful and trusty caravan is up for sale!!

We bough this to race and trackday the 2009 season in comfort, with somewhere warm to sleep, comfortable to relax in, store our beers and somewhere proper to get into our leathers in! Not to mention to swan into the paddock looking rich and posh :cool:

It is an Abi Marauder 2 berth single axle caravan.

Possibly the most important thing for riders, the awning. It comes with a complete awning of 2 windowed ends and a double window front. All with curtains and all zips working. No poles missing. Also draft piece that attaches along the bottom of the caravan to stop wind entering under the caravan.

It's big enough for 2 bikes, as many saw at the races and trackdays we have been at.

Inside, i guess the pictures answer most questions.

  • Sink - we have never used this, but were assured when we bought it that it worked. Pump looks in good condition, in a bag in the cupoboard.
  • Fridge - Same again, never used but assured it works. Looks like on battery, mains, or gas. There is also a small 'table fridge' i'll leave in for a few packs of bacon etc that plugs in.
  • Toilet - This was never used by us as we just went to track toilets, but it's there all the same.
  • 2 hobs & grill. Used a lot. Nice to have a warm meal!
  • 2 X single beds OR a double bed
  • Will seat 6 people comfortably on a cold trackday night with beers in hands!
  • loads of storage space
  • Great condition huge leisure battery. Powers the 4 lights.
  • 3 240v mains plugs
  • curtains, just washed for you :thumbsup:
  • All windows open except big front one.
  • fetching new pink cutlery set left in for you!
  • New kettle!
  • Huge long cable to plug into mains power at tracks.
  • Spare wheel

It tows great, small enough to not need mirror extenders. Short enough to keep on a typical driveway as you can see. All lights work. No damp. Warm & dry caravan :)

This is NOT damp despite looking like it is!!!

It is for sale at £350. I may be able to deliver depending where you are. Cover cost of fuel and i'll be happy. Will not profit on fuel, but need to cover the cost. It's currently near WN8 8TR, Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to the extremely kind monkey who has generously donated a caravan to us for this years racing. What we get for this will go to our next race entry, and we're very grateful for him to be happy for us to do this, and for him to think to offer T&C his caravan. Absolute star :1stplace:

It'd be nice to keep it in the family, so come on you bastards buy this piece of racing memorabilia!!! :drool:


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Handles pulled off by Rawly as he grasped with both hands shortly before doing a backwards roll!!! (Not really needed anyway as it's only light!)

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