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Alright guys, so there are all sorts of rumors and drama about tracktactics. I recently did 2 days with them at LVMS so this is a review/ my thoughts on the organization.
price $145 extremely reasonable for LVMS
So tracktactics runs a normal 3 group format. they call them Michelin (fast) Lucas oil (intermediate) and arlen ness (slow/ new rider school). the sessions are 20min.

registration was simple and the nice women that were running registration were fairly organized and the process went quickly. Tech was easy, straight forward and fairly thorough.

the riders meeting, was a bit unorganized, a bit out of order and to many people talking at once, things were left out, breezed over or not covered in a lot of detail. they do use a debri flag, which i think is pretty cool. The riders meeting on the 2nd day was even less thorough, then the first, this was due to a lot of the riders having been there the day before, but not all. even though i liked that there wasnt a lot of time wasted on the rider meeting, however i think it would be useful, especially for those that are new to the track.

The track went hot a 0900 with michelin up first, one thing i liked was that they did not make up time. what i mean is if there was a crash or some sort of delay, it didnt effect when the next group rode. michilin went on at the top of the hour, lucas oil at 20 after and arlen ness at 40 after. the groups were small, i don't know if this was intentional or due to lack of participation, but the groups were between 15 and 20. it's nice not to be crammed onto the track like some other orgs. track went cold from 11-12 and then again at 5pm

Both days were fairly drama free with the exception of a crash in the first session for lucas oil on day 1, there was some oil spillage, but the tracktactics crew got it cleaned up as quickly as possible, unfortunately i didn't even get to finish a lap on the first session. no fault of tracktactics. session 2 was delayed about 5min opr so which was a bit frustrating, it was due to corner worker radios dying. but again they got it sorted out as quickly as possible. i believe there was 1 other crash on the first day, that got cleared quickly and i dont recall there being any on the 2nd day.

The tracktactics crew is awesome. by far the most helpful crew i have ever been riding with. every person with tracktactics was extremely kind and willing to go out of their way to help you out. the vendors there were also awesome. dynotech was there to set up suspension, i didnt actually have my suspension set up, however i did rip my quickshifter out of the shift rod, and not only did he send some one to his shop to get me a replacement shift rod, when he got back i wasnt by my bike and he put it on for me, and didn't even want any money. 702 Motorsports was out there and provided a damn good lunch, for donations. well worth it.
mike laputt for was there to take pictures, and did a very good job. puts caliphotography to shame, but we all know that they are absolute garbage anyways. i think 4theriders is still by far the best photo guys going. however is also very good.

The last 20min or so of lunch, they allowed street riders (people that had come w/ friends to spectate, or that friends had called) to ride on the track with control riders, there were some issues with guys cheese dicking it to open up a gap and then pinning it on the straights. Im not exactly sure how to feel about this, on one end of the spectrum it's a good introduction for some one to the track. on the other, it seems like an unnecessary liability that could possibly take track time away from us (crash/oil spill, or other issue). It also led to some b/s in the pits, guys ripping down the pits, or doing wheelies. it was done away from where people were pitted, but again, annoying to watch, and again the liability aspect of what if that guy crashes and his bike smashes into someones truck, bike, or family member.

Again the whole staff at tracktactics is awesome and i would most definitely ride with them again. at this point i have ridden with Zoom zoom, keigwins, trackdaz, and so cal trackdays as well as a couple of private days at THILL. i would venture to say that the overall experience with tracktactics is the best that i have experienced yet, and leaps and bounds above some. There are some things organizationally that i think they need to get down, but i think they are on their way to be one of the better orgs out there, especially with their prices.

so:+1: to tracktactics for an awesome experince

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Thank you, so many people bash them that haver never done a day with them. They are a legit org that host great days.
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