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ear members,

We are now ready with the next contest.

The contest is: Who can get the most new ACTIVE members to our forum.
This means that whoever can get the most amount of new active members to our forum wins.

Rules are as follows:

. Members that have been referred by a user taking part in the
contest MUST post in the introduction section with a picture their bike
(they can be on the bike as well) i.e. from a track day etc.

. And the end of the introduction thread, new members must mention
who referred them to TrackTactics.

. New members to the site must post a new thread in order
to qualify for a new signup

. The thread must be either educational, contain a question (like
suspension questions). And each thread must be posted in the appropriate

. Threads will be checked by our admins and moderators

. The winner will be the member who gets the most new members to
our forum

. Once the new member has signed on, please go to this thread: and enter the required information listed in the first post on that thread

The winners of the last contest MAY take part in this contest.

Deadline for the contest is July 31'st.

Prizes are as follows:

1'st place winner will get a set of Öhlins 30 mm cartridge for his/her
bike regardless of brand

2'nd place will receive an Ohlins steering damper for his/her bike
regardless of brand

3'rd place will get a set of Michelin Power One DOT race tires. These may
be exchanged to Power Pure depending on the winners skill level.

If you wish to take part in the contest please register on our forum.
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