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I recently went to Triangle Cycles North in Danville to get some Hotbodies flushmounts for my '04 600RR. There were 2 versions hanging on the wall, 1 clear lens and 1 red lens. The price of the red lensed version was $39.95. I didn't even bother to look at the price on the other seeing as they are the same thing. When it rang up, it was $59.95. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT That is a lot. I asked him why and he said because of the color.

I immediately came home and looked online, this forum, the site, and even All sites had a maximum highest retail price of $39.95. When I called the store, I asked them how much they are and the guy even said over the phone $39.95.

Finally, I took them back into the store to get credit back on my card. But the idiot behind the counter wasn't able to return them because the order number in the computer says $59.95. Well, no duh dumbass...that is what they rang up as. So he called his manager and I told him that there had to have been a mix up and he proceeds to take out some catalogue. Sure enough in the catalogue it says $59.95.

I've never enjoyed going into this store. Everything is overpriced, very limited amounts of sportbike goodies, lots of offbrand items, and poor customer service. I will never go to Triangle Cycles in Danville again.

I know there is a member on here who represents the store. I'm sorry for you, you should try to find a new job - somewhere that actually cares for their customers satisfaction.
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