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Placed an order last week from both of these guys... I'll split this in two to be specific...

Tripage... WOW... I can't imagine what the world would be like if every company had HALF the customer service you provide. To fill everyone in... I had been hounding T for his undertail... asking about buying the CA light myself and sending it to him... just about did that when he got his shipment in. So he sent me a Paypal bill... and I paid it... with the wrong card... so I pm'd him and had him cancel it. so I re-sent the money... but without a bill this time so had to do a PayPal check (didn't have money uploaded at the time)... but being that it was gonna take 4-5 business days to clear... and I'm heading out on a road trip on the 1st... I pm'd him asking if he'd send me a bill for overnight shipping... and since I'd just decided to buy HID lights... his HID delay too... OR if he'd cancel the check order... and send me a bill for it I'd do it all on my debit card. Well he canceled the order... sent me the bill but saved me the overnight shipping... he sent it out Friday... I got it Monday. OUTSTANDING! This is the second order I've place with Tripage... and most definitely will not be the last.

I only wish he'd sent more business cards.... I'm going to a motorcycle rally... and would have handed them all out.
Tripage... A+ all around...

Again... wow... I placed an order... about 1300-/+ worth... sprockets and chain kit, brake line kits, a back protector, go pro camera, driven grips, Speedo healer, and pazzo levers...
The website had a slight glitch when doing the brake line kits... and when asking for what color banjo you wanted... it's only option was DRIVEN... I didn't really care so I pressed on and placed the order... early on the 22nd. mid afternoon on the 23rd I got an e-mail (I'm 3hrs ahead of Diego) telling me about the glitch asking what I wanted to do... I replied and figured I'd be getting my stuff around the 29th or so.

After not receiving anything in the form of a shipping notice or tracking number... I called Cycle sector. Diego answered.

he informed me that he was waiting on the speedohealer to be shipped from Idaho to him... as well as Galfer to ship him the brake lines... but because he knew I needed the stuff he'd send the pieces he had to me... and the others he'd contact the warehouse and see if they'd ship directly to me.

He also was able to hook me up with a military discount account for my future purchases... VERY cool.

Prior to calling I'd have rated Cycle Sector about a B on the customer service... after talking to Diego... I'd say a strong A-... pending the parts all arriving.

Keep up the good work guys... it doesn't go un-noticed... and definitely not unappreciated!

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Not a problem. Just send me your address, I can send cards and decals. Everyone else wanting cards just let me know your address. Thanks. T
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