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for all that are interested.

the board is having a private trackday. if you are interested in signing up, they have some open slots and have extended the invitation to the members that can attend. take a look at your schedule and see if you can make it out. it should be a good time and a lot of good people/personal friends of mine.

if you are new to the track, it is a great time to get out there with so few riders on the track, and if you are a veteran get out there and have some open track to work those lap times.

Do it Do it! you know you wanna...

TSB said:
TSB Track Day at Jennings.

Attention everyone, TSB is holding its first track day at Jennings GP on October 12th 2006. We will be renting out the track and holding what will be the first of many more track days to come. All riders of all skill levels are welcome. This track day will be primarily for TSB riders, but we will open it up to more groups so we can fill spots.
Hopefully we will get some control riders to help out first timers.

Please visit for bike prep requirements, proper gear and any other additional information.

Here is what is required….
Payment is $100.00 per rider.
We will try to keep it to 45 riders, but if there is more interest, we welcome those who want to participate.
FULL Payment is due no later than September 1st 2006.
After September 1st 2006 payment will be $125.00 per rider
The track day is subject to ALL of Jennings rules and regulations, i.e bike prep, riding gear, rules of the track, and especially weather. Jennings track days are rain or shine.
There will be no refunds after September 10th 2006.
TSB reserves the right to cancel the track day at anytime due to not enough interest. If TSB cancels the track day, EVERYONE’s money will be REFUNDED.

If you are interested in participating, please reply to this thread, and PM Griffinzx10 for payment info….. Or send email to [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing as many people that can make it there, and the first of many more successful TSB track days to come…

Ride safe everyone….


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jahmic726 said:
Shorty, are you EVERYWHERE?

haha...I was about to post it on JGP, then saw you just beat me to it. Then I come here and find you again

Thanks for posting up though man, hopefully we get a good response :01_thumbu
just trying to give everyone an oportunity to have a great trackday with a pretty much open track.

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MannyMalice said:
i think im in

make sure you contact Griff for details if you havent already done so.

There have been a couple changes (date remains the same), but it's been limited to only about 20 riders, so the price has changed. Not sure how many slots are available (last i heard, only a couple) so talk to him ASAP
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