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With MotoGP in full effect, MotoAmerica getting ready to start, and our own race efforts going on we decided to begin carrying our very own TST Branded Tire Warmers!

In honor of us carrying these warmers, we decided to have a little fun and give money to the first 10 participants!

The first 10 people to purchase these warmers and post a picture of them with or on your bike, will get $50 store credit OR a $25 refund. These warmers are in stock and ready to ship so don't miss out while you can!

Unique PTFE heating technology
130ft of radial arranged heating cables
Side-wall insulating cover extends beyond the edge of the tire's traction surface
TNT self regulating heating temperature of 85°C / 185°F
Uses less power than other warmer designs: 245W (front) / 420W (rear)
Velcro closures for simple installation and removal
Strong and waterproof polyester outer material
Liquid, oil, and water proof high-resistance polyester inner-lining
On/Off lamp
Runs off of 110V US-style outlet
Highest quality construction
Made in Italy

This Warmer vs. Suprema Spina

This tire warmer is similar to the Suprema Spina in key features like power, build quality, self-regulating heating technology, etc. The main differences are:
This warmer does not incorporate the internal thermal material that the heat pipes are attached to in the Suprema Spina. The heating elements in this warmer are routed the same way, and are the same length/style, but they are attached to the inner/outer fabrics and don't have the additional material within.
This warmer uses a different outer fabric that gets the job done and is water/oil proof but costs less than that of the Suprema Spina.
Different storage bags. This warmer comes with a solid bag, the Suprema Spina bag has a CapIt logo and plastic window on one side.

You can think of this tire warmer as the little brother to the Suprema Spina that has a TST patch on the front and costs 40% less.

Be sure to click here for your chance at scoring these awesome warmers at a hell of a deal!
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