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Future stars of MOTO G.P.

Twenty youngsters chosen for Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2007

Twenty young riders took their next step on the road to their motorcycle racing dream today, as their qualification for the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup was announced.

The twenty were chosen after a phenomenal response to the invitation for them to try their luck, with a total number of applicants topping 1,100 young talents.

After whittling down the field from the initial entrants, a total of 165 riders arrived at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo on 28 August 2006 to begin the selection process under the watchful eye of Spanish motorcycling legend Alberto Puig and KTM Race Director Harald Bartol. The event in Valencia was contested on standardised Metrakit Pre GP 125 spec bikes.

The hopefuls were divided into two groups, to ride on either Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th, before the successful 45 returned on the Wednesday for the final chance to take a place amongst the lucky 20.

The selected twenty are:

JD BEACH - United States of America
Cameron BEAUBIER - United States of America
Kris TURNER - United States of America
Adam BLACKLOCK - United Kingdom
Matthew HOYLE - United Kingdom
Stuart MITCHELL - United Kingdom
Jamie Charles MOSSEY - United Kingdom
Lukas SEMBERA - Czech Republic
Johann ZARCO - France
Cyril CARRILLO - France
Lucy GLOECKNER - Germany
Markus REITERBERGER - Germany
Christoph SCHOENBERGER - Germany
Peter SEBESTYÉN - Hungary
Lorenzo SAVADORI - Italy
Sturla Borch FAGERHAUG - Norway
Javier CHOLBI - Spain
Johnny ROSELL - Spain
Cristian TRABALON - Spain
Robert GULL - Sweden

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2007 will also be contested using uniform top material, namely a KTM RC 125 specially developed race model for rookies motorised with 45 HP and technically supervised by August Auinger, a multiple motorcycle GP winner from Austria, and his team.

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup races in 2007 will be run mainly on the Sunday of a GP weekend, immediately after the MotoGP premier class and in front of the corresponding crowds.

Only in Assen and Mugello will the races will be held on a Saturday.

The following rounds are provisionally scheduled:

25 March 2007 Jerez
2 June 2007 Mugello
24 June 2007 Donington Park
30 June 2007 Assen
15 July 2007 Sachsenring
19 August 2007 Brno
4 November 2007 Valencia

More information can be found at

Harald Bartol

"First I was surprised by the multitudes of applications. When almost 200 kids and their entourage were standing in front of the pits full of expectation, I was overwhelmed.

The performances of the young riders were for the most part very promising, but most of all I'm glad that virtually no bad accidents were recorded during the three days.

I believe that together we've found the best rookies for next year and that we'll see some exciting races."

Alberto Puig

"The first step has been taken – now the kids need to seize the opportunity and gain experience in this Rookies Cup, they need to learn and learn again. This project of Dorna and Red Bull is exemplary for our sport, since the participants, but also the world champions in motorcycle racing are increasingly getting younger. So this cup certainly is an outstanding project!"


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What was the age range of the group? How old are the Americans? It'll be interesting to see their careers freakin awesome would it be to ride after the MotoGP race each race Sunday?

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Wow that's pretty good for three kids to make it from the US. I'll definitely be watching next year.
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