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Under Armour Sizing

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I recently bought some UA online. I got a (L) long-sleeve Turfshirt and a (L) leggings. The shirt fit fine but the leggings were not even close! UA's sizing chart lists the (L) as 33-35" waist. I wear a 33-34" waist in everything but the UA leggings were more like a 28-30" waist. I actually busted some of the threading trying to get them on. Has anyone else had this problem with their sizing?
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I've got the Large long sleeve and the leggings.
I can squeeze into the shirt fine, but I can't fit the pants.
I forced them on the first time, they left me a nice painful imprint
all the way around. Maybe cut the wasteband off, that was the main thing
that was killing me because the rest of it stretches fine without pain.
But the UnderArmour spandex thing makes slipping in and out of the suit so EASY.
Also, it's kinda nasty when you think about the moisture wicking material....
like a sponge bath with your own sweat. :p
I'm going to have to order a larger set of leggings because wearing these things is not an option. Anybody with a 28" waist need a set of leggings?
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Yep, I had the same issues with the leggings. Based on their sizing chart, I fall under size small, but after ordering them, I had to exchange them for a medium.
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