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Update Bike Pics........

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Here are a few pics of my bike. I have a couple more parts to put on but what do you think?

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looking good man.
i think i stumbled upon your bike a whiole back because i remember the transformers sticker, which i think looks really good actually.
I just put the transformer stickers on today. I did have pics posted up of the bike before some parts where added and decals. Thanx fella's
I got my CF from all over the place. I looked around for good prices but more importantly good quality and real CF. Saw way to many imitations. If your looking to purchase some i can look back at some receipts to help you out i know my boy got nice CF off ebay.
You can't have an autobot and a decepticon icon on the same bike, lol, :crackup:- you have to pick a side (one). Other than that, looks good.

The bike might kick it's own ass, haha.
hmm someone else on here then has a decepticon on their bike. im almost positive. regardless, its a sweet idea.
I can dig it!!!!!! Not a fan on the plate mount, but that's just my opinion.
Looking good so far.

Not a fan on the plate mount, but that's just my opinion.
nice work mang on the CF! Love the color of Silver and black with CF. +1
looks good. not too much carbon. I hate it when people just try to make everything on their bike CF
Looks good
Looks nice and clean. How does the carbon upper nose fairing fit? any issues?
I agree cf is an accent to much is over kill. Yea i had the plate under my exhaust but after having to lower the bike it would have rubbed on my cf hugger. It really stands out in pics but in person where the plate is mounted does not look bad. Thanx for the opinions and feedback much appreciated
You can notice in the one pic above the headlight the upper fairing didnt fit perfect but i did the best i could and think it didnt come out to bad
looking good mang...need to get some carbon fiber mirrors to go with the carbon upper cowl...
That thing looks mean!
I think the bike looks cool except those fake carbon fiber levers and the transformer stickers just don't do it for me.
Very nice! I recommend doing the rear brake reservoir delete mod to clean up the tail section.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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