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vacuum lines

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when working on the carbs and trying to start the bike do the vacuum lines need to be hooked up to the air box or can you just plug them until your ready to put everything together? I get a feeling I need to plug the lines in order to get a vacuum going in the carbs. Is this about right? :?:
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You mean the throttle bodies? Either way, when doing adjustments such as synching you should have all hoses in place and the airbox on, thats how you will be riding the bike!
Well, the reason I had it all off is that I rebuilt the carbs. put them on the intake manifolds and didn't want to but all things on until I had the bike running. Is't a F4 so I don't think it has throttle bodies. Anyways I plugged the vacuum hoses and am getting backfire and a better response from the motor until the battery died. Baby steps
If its a F4 (carbs) you have a fuel line running to it? I believe you may have a vacuum line going to the fuel supply valve that needs to be connected.
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