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Hi All,

Before anyone chews me out for not using the search function, I have performed several searches including advance searches and managed to come across some nice pics of a Red/Black 600RR with the CS One installed. However, the member did not have any sound clips and when asked about the mounting (because I did not see a mounting strap) the member stated that it did not have a strap, it had stationary tabs (which by the way made the finish product very clean).

I since contacted Vance and Hines who assured me that the CS One for the 2007 CBR 600RR requires a strap for mounting. I don't know what to believe, in the pic I don't see a strap and it's not dropping off of the bike but I'm being told that it require a strap to be mounted by V&H's support. Wouldn't be the first time product sales/support was wrong!

On top of that V&H was not able to provide me with the range of decibels the CS One produces. I am caught between the Akrapovic and the CS One for weeks now and just can't decide. I reviewed Akrapovic's site and noticed that basically there is a 2db increase over the stock at 6700rpm with the stock being 98db at 6700rpm and Akrapovic being 100db at 6700rpm.

After seeing these reported figures, Im skeptical about just how much Akrapovic will improve on the stock sound. I have reviewed countless You Tube videos (which I am skeptical of their validity) as a means comparison. If anyone out there has pics and sound clips of the Vance and Hines CS One on a 07-08 600RR please let me know before I either go crazy trying to decide or drop the whole exhaust modification dream all together.

I can't understand how so many of these vendors has so little information about their products and appear to posses so little product knowledge yet, expect consumers to make a decision as to which product to purchase when the information just isn't there.
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