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Vectored 600RR

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I thought you guys might like this.

It's a drawing of my dad's 600RR that I did.
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It's not done yet, the turn signals are horrible, and I'd like to put a little more detail here and there... I'm entering it in a graphics and design contest on the 29th, hopefully I do well.
very nice! I'm impressed!
looks great! I can't imagine the work that took... You got skills, man.

of note: the engine kill switch is either on the wrong side, or the hi/lo beam has been done in red instead of black. Also, the swingarm looks a little too downward slanted IMO. thanks for sharing!
I'm just dumb and flipped it...

It looks better facing left than right, I don't know why. I'll flip it back for the final product. I also don't like the huge closeup of the headlight as the background. I don't know what I'm gonna use.

I'll keep you guys posted as I update it.
Looks outstanding. Are you a graffics design major???
Wow!! looks great; good job. Can I suggest using a helment as the background instead of the headlight?
really nice man :wink: did you use illustrator ?
damn thats cool :bitchslap:
Mister E said:
It's not done yet, the turn signals are horrible,
Nothin you can do about that except replace them with aftermarket, lol J/K Nice work though
Looks good. :mrgreen:
Damn, some of you guys are harcore! I looked at that and said, "that's a pretty picture" Then again I know as much about graphic design as this bag of potato chips I'm eating.
man thats very cool!!! :D
Looks good but thats the chain side of the bike, engine case is wrong,it just looks like the left sides and right sides got swaped. Still you have great skills better then my own ever will.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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