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I was having electrial problems which caused me to blow a fuse last week. Since I'm not electrically inclined I brought it to the dealer.

While that the dealer they couldnt figure out what it was so they blamed it on the fact that the gauges were aftermarket and who ever had installed them messed it up (not the case since I sent it to the company and it worked fine for a long time) it's BS becuase the gauges is just a face plate and swap out some lights to change it.

Anyway - I knew the short was coming from wires that I had recently been toying around with so I told them - check the back of the bike under the cowl. Never-the-less they fixed the electrical short.

As I started up my bike, rode down the street, rode home, rode around a little...there is thiss annoying vibration noise coming out of the instrument pannel. I brought it back...he revved the bike...after I explained you hear it when 'cruising between 4-7k'. He said if it gets worse bring it back...which means I have to pay $$ for their screw up playing around with the gauge.

So I'm just trying to see what the quickest and fastest way possible to remove the gauge and check out what's rattling around inside there.

PS. The mechanic who worked on my bike is my x-Girlfriends, X-boyfriend :banghead: so I have a feeling that he could have just left something there on purpose.

Anyone have any pics of how to get to the gauges?
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