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So just today my bike started overheating like crazy. I could not get the temp to drop below 185 while riding and it reached as high as 263 before i could safely get off the road. The fan does not stay on for more than a few seconds (tested this by stoping, shutting the bike off while it was still above 250degrees turning the key on and the engine stop to the on position). Normally even without the engine running this engages the fan and the fan will draw air through the radiator while the bike is off and cool it down. Today while overheating, using the same method, the fan would turn on spin normally for a few seconds and then quit even though the bike was clearly running hot. I could smell a little bit of a burning smell but i am not sure what kind of material i was smelling. I also have a vibration i feel in the front end that I am thinking is either in the front or the motor. Im talking 2500 rpms or less is the most noticeable. I have had two small bends in my rim that i have pounded back straight. It is not the rotors because it does not worsen with braking light or heavy. I am really worried this is all motor related. Some information about the bike:
Mods done over winter at 22000mi
-k&n air filter
-ram air resonator delete
-diy shortened velocity stacks
-new stock plugs
-two bros can and midpipe
-driven 520 kit (0/+2) also known as 16 front (stock gearing and 45 in rear or up two
-PC3 with two bros exhaust map from powercommander website
-chain is properly tightened (according to spec)
-oil/filter recently changed 500mi ago valvoline 10w40
-coolant levels normal and honda brand coolant

Need advice/assistance ASAP, my car has a busted radiator hose and my rr is my only means of transport, which is now comprimised. Just pulled it into my living room to start investigating the possibilities. I am located in chicago,il. If anyone would be willing to come take a look with me i would greatly appreciate it. text/call me at 815-298-7651 and i can give you my address. (near o'hare). Please help anyone
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