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ok i am new to this forum, i always am reading but never post, there is such great information here. i almost always am able to find answers to any questions i have searching. i am unable to find anything about this though.

so i went down a few weeks ago and cracked my stock right clip on. i got vortex ones for like 100 bucks through work so i did not go with stock. i have the right one installed and it works kinda... oh yeah its a 05 600rr

the part of the clamp that the bar goes in to hit the master cylinder. i want them to be at about stock length and the only way i can see to have it not hit is to pull the bar out all the way but then they would be very long.

how do you guys with these solve this?

theres 2 options the way it is now, let it hit a little and have the brake lever be very high compared to stock, or let it squeeze it pretty hard and let it be at a better, lower, angle.

what is happening is as i tighten the pinch bolts of the MC it squeezes the MC in to the clamp of the clip ons. the higher the MC is angled the more room there is but worse brake position. as you rotate it down it hits the clamp sooner.

if any one has any tips please let me know thanks
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