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Hi there guys I would like to start by thanking you riders for your help on my “Crank but no start 05 CBR RR” thread, I have posted the fix on the original problem page. Thanks to “tripage.”

My new question is regarding the VSS signal. How much of a problem will it give me in drivability with it not plugged in or with it having the wrong speed signal going to the ECU? Also if anyone know how to re-calibrate/cheat it to fit my needs?

I am building the SAE Formula Race Car and am using the 05 CBR RR engine/trans, so I am not using the stock final sprocket and not using the stock tire sizes.

The bike comes with:

16 tooth drive & ? tooth driven sprocket with 180/55/17 tires and wheels set.

We have:

16 tooth drive & 53 tooth driven with 185/60/14 tires and wheels.

Thanks for your help guys
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