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Wave Disc Brakes

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Hi Guys,
Anyone put any wave front disc brakes on their bike yet. If you have, what brand did you go for and did you notice any improvement, other than looks. Photos would be good.
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do some research.. there was a post about this a couple of days ago

I got galfer disks and lines, als the race galfer pads. I got these cause I got a good deal on them.
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I've got a set too, front and rear. A noticable difference in braking power. Go to my web-site to check out pictures.
Thanks guys for the feedback on the Galfer, they look great, good stuff. Thanks Highline, valuable stuff!!
What are the pros and cons of wave discs. I have yet to go to the track but i do like to do alot of twisties and riding around town. Would wave disc have any benifit for a rider like me?
Trimar666 if you are after purchasing Galfer Wave Rotors get them from Nick who owns Ridersinc. Here is his webpage also he is a member on the board this is his board name ridersinc he will give yougreat deals.
Rashmaster, that is a hot wheel setup... damn that would look good on a black bike!

What kind of wheels are they? Pics on the bike?
Im pretty positive the wheels are PVM H Spoke.

They ar corrizeria. I tried to get O-Z split spoke wheels, but O-Z said they aren't making any right now. Got the wheels, disks, lines, and pads for $1600 Thought about getting the marchesini, but didn't want to pay the $$. My bike is a tmy friends shop right nowI am supposed to get it back Wednesday, then I will get some pics up.

I love 'em. combine em with a+ fluid, steel lines, and good pads, and damn...what a diff.
rashmaster im planning to get PVM Forged Aluminium 5 Spoke Y Wheels what do you think of them?
I think they make great wheels, especially the weight savings, just don't hit any big potholes. My friend has them on his 996sps, it is street legal, and he hasen't had any problems with his, but he also lives in LAs Vega. LEt me see some pics when you get them.
lol which is why i linked em. :) but more detail is rarely a bad thing right? :D
I installed the Braking Disc and it is a considreable difference from the stock when I first tried them out it was like squeezing a hand full of brake but with only 2 fingers. Did'nt really buy them for performance reasons 90% of my riding is in town But they do look damn good though.

There are some good pics in my photo album

FYI...the Galfer wave rotors are actually an older design manufactured by BrakingUSA. The BrakingUSA-branded rotors are a newer design that is slightly different from the Galfer-branded ones. Many of the local racers around here have good things to say about the BrakingUSA versions, but have had some complaints with the Galfer-branded ones (including brake fade and excessive wear).

You might also consider EBC Pro-Lites. They may not look as trick as wave rotors, but they seem to be universally praised by racers. Much cheaper than wave rotors too. (About $350 a set.)

Depends what your priorities are...
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