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Weekend At The Dragon Tail

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Went up to the Robbinsville, NC, area this weekend.

Not on my 600RR but a big thumbs up to what may be the best motorcycle roads in the USA.

Every road is great up there. Dragon tail isn't the best one. Cherohala Skyway is longer and fairly traffic free. If you haven't gone put it on your list of things to do.

There are guys on some of the corners who take everyone's picture and you can order it from them when you get home. $8 well spent :)
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I got invited to go with 3 other riders when I first got this bike back in 2005. We trailered the bikes up to North Georgia and rode US129 (Blood Mountain) and some other local roads in GA. It was awesome. Until Jeff (ZX-10) highsided right in front of me going down Blood Mountain. Dislocated his hip and broke his scapula. He's was out for the remainder of the trip. The other 2 riders and I traliered up to Robbinsville and then road all of the Dragon, Cherohala, and other local roads that I had never seen. I can't remember where all we went. All I can tell you is the guy on the GSXR1000 was not very happy that him and his buddy on another ZX-10 could not loose me. He told me on one stop that my brake lights were just flickering. I told him I was not using my brakes but instead using engine braking. He looked perplexed to say the least. :LOL:

If you look closely you can see the Tail of the Dragon sticker I bought when I was up there on the bottom front fairing. Great road trip and one I won't forget.
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