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Hi folks, I've got an issue with my electrics. I noticed on my last ride out that my acumen gear indicator wasn't working. I thought that the connector may have popped out, not a big deal, nothing else was affected, so I could sort it later.

But today I got the side panel off to get to the connector, which was still all connected fine, so I checked the fuses, which again are fine. so I checked the all the controls, the headlight, pass switch, horn, left/right turn signals (front & rear) all work, BUT when I turn on the hazard lights (all 4 indicators at once) only the rear signals flash, the fronts don't.

but thats not all, my bikes alarmed & when it arms all 4 indicators flash, that also still works

so does anyone have any clue what the issue could be?

any info much appreciated
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