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Before i say anything, i am new to bikes, and new to working on any type of motor but I'm not one of those people that can't read directions; before i joined the military i would just get the parents to pay for the car maintenance.

Last week i wanted to change the oil and oil filter on my 06 cbr600rr trival, so i did. I rode about 400 mi that weekend, parked it on monday and left it there because it was about to rain. It wasnt under any shelter, but under lots of rain lol. I didn't turn it on at all through out the week. It rained friday night, and i turned on my bike on saturday morning but it immediately died, tried turning it on again but all i heard was it trying to crank back up. Left it there, hoping that something got wet and it needed to dry, so i tried it again today. and it didnt turn on for a while. I checked the oil level and it was fine, but i touched the oil pan and it was oily, so my guess on that is that i didnt tighten the nut enough, or i cracked the oil pan (i doubt this because i didnt use much pressure so i think the nut is not tight enough but im going to check that tomorrow) I gave it throttle while trying to turn it on and it revved but when the neddle came back down it immediately died, i turned the idle adjuster alot for it to rev high while it turned on. Kept on trying to turn it on until it did, but it was idling low and i kept on turning the idle adjuster, to no avail; but it warmed up to 130. The neddle just kept on falling until it died. Turned it on again and it was revving at 2000 rpm and i adjusted it back to 1300. what could have caused this so i wont do it again. Is this normal ? And how exactly can i find out if the oil pan is cracked. and how can a fuel injected motor get flooded? thank you for all your help in other threads, theres lots of knowledge here.
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I had a similar problem after getting stuck in a torrential down-pour. I hooked it up to a battery tender for a little while and never had a problem since. Try it out.

BTW, we need to hook up for a ride!
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