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Well I finally went down, not my fault, well i guess it is

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It was raining out, but not hard, enough to make the roads wet. Well I was turing left onto a side street and was in the turning lane. I had my signal light on, even my high beam. I start to slow down, just start to lean the bike into the turn and she starts to go. She get half way out into the lane and slams on the brakes, by this time I have tried to turn away and just hit the front brake just enough on the wet pavement to cause the front end to wash out. Needless to say me and my bike go spining and sliding down the turning lane thank god. I wasnt going that fast at all so that help too, but being wet I slide a little ways. I had on most of my gear. I had on my jacket w/ liner, jeans w/ a pair of sweat pants under them, boots, gloves and my helmet. I also had on all my rain gear as well, with my book bag on my back. I have no road rash whats so ever, just a sore shoulder and a pretty good bruise on my left calf. The bike has some minor damage. The bottom plastic cracked at the screw, there is some pretty good road rash on the side plastic and just a tiny scratch on the front plastic just under the signal light that should buff out. just barly touched the handlebar so there not scratch at all. I think its the clutch cover on the left side? Correct me if I'm wrong but thats scratched pretty good. I will post pictures of the bike once I ride it back home the 112 miles. I've road it the 15 miles after it happened w/ out a prob. but I'm hoping it will make it back to my house ok so i can take a better look at it. This just gives me a reason to get Black bottom plastic for it w/ the Red Honda decal on it. All silver w/ black bottom I think might look good. Well stay tune for all the pictures.
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Becareful out there! Especially with just a little water, roads get very slick,oil, crap on the road etc, all seeps up...ride safe...frame sliders also! get some...
yeah im ok, just a little banged up. Just more upset at the lady, she made sure I was ok, then got back in her truck and drove away. Frame sliders are on order as we speak. I was thinking about getting the cage instead, but w/ my bike being lowered i think I would hit the cage first turn I took.
first 10 mins of rainfall is the worst.. thats when all the oils and **** gets lifted off the pavement
i'd be pissed, but at least you and mostly your bike are fine after the ordeal.
Well I fianlly got the pictures of the bike. The pictures make it look worse. From the naked eye just looking at it in person it doesnt look that bad. Pictures are worth a 1000 words lol

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Glad to hear you didn't get hurt bad. I hate riding when the roads are wet.
Glad everything is at least okay.

I haven't had the chance to ride in the rain yet.. hopefully not for a while too.
Looks like an easy fix for the plastics.. Riding in the rain is kinda scary at times. I just try not to lean the bike as much and give myself extra room to break. good luck. good to hear youre OK though.
Shame dude. Sucks. Glad you're alright.
glad to see you're ok. it started raining 10 minutes into my ride home from picking up my 06 orange tribal. being a new rider i was really creaping along. ride safe
glad you're ok
How hard of a fix would it be to fix the side piece? Or would i be better off just getting a new one?
glad you are ok. Sliders would have saved that easily. It is really easy to fix that.
yeah i got my sliders in the mail a week later. oh well thats just the way things go for me
that's a shame dude. decent sized frame sliders would've saved all of that.
you could get a bunch of stickers to cover that up. or ebay
I just took all the decals off my bike i dont really want to put more on there lol I will just end up buying a new side
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