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WERA West final round at Vegas

Well the WERA racing season has come to an end. Although I only participated in two rounds, I am hooked at eagerly awaiting the start of the 2007 season. Last weekend we were at the Las Vegas Classic Course for the final round and what a sweet weekend it was! The day was perfect for racing and that track is one of my favorites.

I met up there and pitted with two other members, Predikt and Trey Loco. We had an awesome time together in our Honda pit. I gotta hand it to our pit girls (our girlfriends) for being extremely helpful by providing food, refreshments and plenty of technical assistance. Actually Trey Loco’s girl changed both my tires! You need to keep her around Trey!

The racing itself was pretty intense! There were roughly 20 racers in our class, and turn 1 was crazy! I personally still suck at starts and ended up owing Trey Loco a beer after he beat me twice to turn one…even from a couple rows behind me! I got by him at turn 3 though :biggrin:

Trey and I did aight, but Predikt (Ryan) gets the honors for getting two second place finishes and winning both season class championships for Superstock C and Superbike C! Congrats Ryan!!!!!:rocker:

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend. I cant wait to race with you guys again soon!:beer:


Trey Loco


Group shot at the 600RR pit. Disco, Trey Loco, Predikt, Greggy

Disco and Trey Loco - Desperados

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Very cool! Congrats predikt! Great shots.
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