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Close to last season, my 05 at the time with roughly 45k miles, now at 51k..
Stated acting up. Upon higher speed , the bike would sputter like as if it had a skip in fuel, thought it was a clutch isse, wasn't at all.
Then in neutral, when I rev it, it would limit around 7-8k rpm.

Open and removed my air box, and found that the end of my throttle line was frayed up, I was for sure that was what that was causing it. .
Put in new throttle and clutch cable line. Started up this season & it was still rev limiting around 5-6rpm.

All in all, order a new fuel pulp. And boom fixed!

Hopes this help. The video below will show what my bike was doing.
Also sounded as if the exhaust was clog, I repaced it as well and that sandy the case

Hopes this will help someone down the line. My fuel pump may had been fine, and could had been a dirty fuel filter, or the other way around.

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