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Maybe you guys can help me come up with a decent value for my bike that was recently in an accident. I’d love to be able to try and just sell it as a whole to someone for parts instead of tearing it down and advertising everything separately.


Both mirrors
Bar ends
Left Yoyodyne frame slider
Left stator cover (some damage internally as well)
Front wheel scraped on edge (seems straight)
SOME fairings might be salvageable especially for a track setup
Rear swingarm (right side spool ripped out!)


Yoshi stainless slip-on
“Havoc” plate eliminator (do a search on here for pics)
1 month old Pilot Power up front
OEM rear cowl

Everything else is looking good with the exception of normal wear & tear of a 3 year old bike. It's not running. The bike was never down up until this accident last week.

Any ideas??
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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