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What is your speed record

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What is you speed record

I broke my personal speed record of 135MPH last night at 9:30pm on the way home from work. I just entered the 405 after the Irvine Spectrum, when I saw this sweet red Ferrari Modena. I was in the carpool lane going about 85, normal cruising speed at night. When he came flying by in the lane next to mine. I knew it was "ON!" I pinned the throttle. I passed him at 120MPH, he wasn't far behind. My conscience got the better of me when I got up to 150MPH, saw tail lights of traffic in front, let off the throttle and let him pass. I passed him again when he was stuck in freeway traffic. I gave him a thumbs up and he waved. What a rush! If I got rolled by the PO PO, I would still have a smile on my face. That was fun.
I know life doesn't begin until after 150MPH for some of you. What was your non track speed record? What vehicle where you in? And why were you going that fast?
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Did like 400 mph in a jet on my way to Hawaii :bitchslap: . Other than that 142 on the RR and 135 in a 911 Turbo :bounce:
132 in a Miata
148 in a Prelude
159 on my RR
cvlighthouse said:
Did like 400 mph in a jet on my way to Hawaii :bitchslap: . Other than that 142 on the RR and 135 in a 911 Turbo :bounce:
155 on a 97 CBR 600 F3..

i know.. real dumb thing to do.. but i did it anyway.. and i will never do it again.. was a while ago though..

i save it all for the track now.
145 on the RR(in NH), 155 in my friends camaro with four people in it (450+ hp) and 95mph in my ford escort. oh yah i've been clock at 65 mph on my mountain bike, knows thats a rush.
USMC 600RR said:
not exactly smart
I know it wasn't smart. A quote from the Dave Chappelle show first season, "Sometimes a man's gotta race!"
I've never had my rr above 65~~~!!! :bitchslap:
yeah right...I lied....topped it out one time!
I've never been clocked or had a GPS on but I've hit the Govorner on my buddies ZX12R. But it was geared -1/+1. I've redlined my CBR in 6th gear but I'm -1/+2, I've done the same on my GSXR with the same gearing. Fastest I've gone in a car is 160+ in a Camaro Z28. My buddy has a 700+hp turbo charged alcohol funny bike that he does mid seven second passes on but he won't let me ride it...I don't know why not?
157mph in my '99 Z28. Haven't pushed the bike yet, and I don't think I want to anytime soon :p 110mph on a straight stretch earlier today for about 2 seconds and then I let it back down.
I've it red line in sixth gear on my 929 at VIR. :mrgreen:
Hmmm.... redlining 5th, shifting into 6th, going wide open for a few seconds.... That's the fastest I've been (whatever speed that is, stock gearing) at Roebling Road, GA. Going that fast, I wasn't looking at my speedo, just worried about the brake markers for T1 :shock:
162 on my RR but who knows what the actual was. how much variance does the speedo have?
i find its not the high speed thats scary, its when you slow down and a the g-forces pull you. thats whats up :beer:
186 on a gixxer 1k....170's on the 929 too many times to remember....Im had all my gear on...does that make a difference? :bitchslap:
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