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what makes a 600rr sparkle

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I was just wondering what wax dose everyone find works best.I have a black 600rr and it need a good buff up. Just wondering whats safe and good.
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I use a 3 step cleaner, wax, polish designed for boats and jetskis. Don't remember the name but you'd get it at a boat store. I'll check tonight and followup on the name.
Honda polish is great! I always have at least 2 cans stocked. I have no swirls in my paint. Check out my gallery those pics are after a wax job with those cans. (The newer pics)
honda polish. I use it on everything.
I seen it, just spray polish right?
and it makes it shine ?no waxing needed afterwards?
back in the day when I got my first 600ninja (i was 16 am 30 now) we use to
use pledge :?
Yeah, just shake the can up, spray on the bike, wipe off. I use microfiber cloths from walmart, 5 for $5. They are good for not scratching the tank.
I use mild dish soap (anything to strong is not good for the paint on the plastics) and water and am very happy with the way it looks afterwards.
Hose it down and grab the Honda polish. If you wipe it down regularly with this stuff its great for protection and shine. Careful with the dish soap or the like. They have sodium in them which is NOT good for the finish.
Meguiars Mirror Glaze is what it's called - it's designed for boats.
Meguiars is good too. I used to use it but its expensive stuff.

I usually let the Honda polish sit for about 2 min before I wipe it off. I becomes waxy and you will need to buff it out.
I put a couple coats of 100% Carnuba paste wax on then buff. Then after every ride I wipe everything off with Meguiars Quick Detailer. You can buy it at Wal-Mart for around $4 bucks. Works great and keeps a real nice shine. I hardly ever use water to clean my bike. I just dont let it get that bad to have to use the hose and a sprayer.
I hardly ever use water to clean my bike. I just dont let it get that bad to have to use the hose and a sprayer.
I have never used water to clean my bike. I always wipe it down before and after a ride with the honda polish.. have to keep my baby looking good.
I will hose it down if it's really dirty, but most of the time I use Honda Polish. I also use this stuff called Slick Stuff.
I live in British Columbia and I ride year round. So my bike looks like this after a long ride, but hey I bought it to ride. I also hose it down and use Honda polish to bring back the shine. Great stuff.

For Pic see my Personal Gallery.
Yeah- Honda Polish is great! I use it after every ride.
just used for the first time today
it rocks
Just don't touch the black bikes after using honda polish, finger print city.
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