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what short stalks on indy spacers?

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What short shalks are you guys using on the Indy spacers? Or any suggestions? Pics please.
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K&S DOT legal. I put these on the front and rear of a friends 600RR and converted the fronts to dual filament. These will pass inspection and have a reflector in them to illuminate the entire lens, not just a bright spot in the lens.
On my XX I installed a 30LED cluster board in the back of the housing so the whole lens is lit as well.
Motrax Micro Arrows. Those are on the way. Got them from for a great price.
do you need the indy spacers or what do they do, just clean up the appearance????
They just clean up the appearance. They are worth it though, they only cost like $12.
i've got the exact same setup as corleone (motrax micro arrows and indy spacers)... definitely get the indy spacers. i've seen guys with shortstalks and no indy spacers just using plastic plugs to cover the extra hole... looks pretty ghetto imho, although it's not as bad with a black bike.
I jsut bought the LP spacers. $11 and they look like they are going to fit perfect in the area where the turn signal goes. They are hard plastic. Look nice. I'm waiting for my signals to come in and I'll post pics.
I didnt rate the indy spacers so used the oem indicator as a template and shaped my own from some hard plastic i found, doesnt take too long and looks much better imho. i put black motrax allycators on, they look sweet but dont have a running light, not sure if they can be converted
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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