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What's a Fair Price?

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Fellow RR riders,

I am planning to sell my 2008 RR. I could take it to a used bike dealer, and probably get $4500 for it, but I would prefer to avoid that.

I would rather sell it private party. So, I am wondering what the faithful (re: you) think it is worth.

Here's a rundown of the bike:

1 owner (me)
2008 CBR 600rr
7500 miles
Orange and black fairings

Akrapovic full Ti exhaust
Gilles rearsets
Gilles chain adjusters
Gilles lifters
New Verash pads
520 Driven chain and sprockets -1/+2
BMC race filter
Galfer SS lines
Brembo radial MC 20
ASV long levels left and right
Tech Spec snake skin tank grips
Always changed with full synthetic

Down once @ low speed in grass while in its track fairings
Missing tab from right upper
Right side upper fairing stay missing connection hole (used zip tie)
dime sized scratch on right upper over orange decal.

I am considering a package deal that would also include:
Freshly painted shark skinz full fairing set
Aftermarket Redbull full fairing set
Pitbull front and rear stands
Ultra Lap timer w/ beacon
RS-Tachi Blast Evo Vegas suit

I hate the idea of selling all this stuff, but I was stupid enough to think I should get an education, and now I must pay for said education...and it wasn't cheap...

--One sad moose :sad:
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I would say 5500-6000 would be a fair price. Is that you in the all white suit in your sig. What your size I might be interested in the suit.
easily 5500-6000 if you sell it before August.
For sure over 6k with all that stuff. Id set a price that you are comfy with, without a few of the random stuff and use that as a bargain for when someone tries to drop the price on you. Like the stands, timer and suit that can be used with other bikes.....aka you would like to hold on to them, but will part if they pay the $$$$.
I'd start at $6500 or even $7k, with the intention of getting at least 6k.
I'd have to agree w/some of the other guys above me here. I think at least $6000, probably more if you take the time to address the cosmetic issues as best you can.

I'll take those Gilles chain adjusters and Ultra lap timer and beacon off your hands though. :D
6k seems really fair. PM me if you decide to part out. I would be interested in the Gilles rearsets:cruising:
To answer your questions:

That white suit is already up for sale in the classifieds (sale pending)

The lap timer is also in the classifieds

The lifters and adjusters will probably be in the classifieds next week.

The RS-Taichi suit will probably hit the classifieds tomorrow night.
Part it out, I want some of the goodies :D haha

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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