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I bought a wheel on ebay. The wheel showed cosmetic damage of scratches all over, which seemed like from a careless owner who made his own tire changes.

After setting it on the wheel balance, I can see a very very small bend on the edge or the wheel. You cant see it if you just look at it but when its spinning on the balance, you can see a small dip.

Any suggestions what I should do?

Below is what he sent me:

"The front wheel was check before being listed on ebay. I have two options. #1 you can return the front wheel to me and I'll replace it with another but you have to pay for shipping one way which will cost 40.00. #2 I have insurance on the front and rear wheel for 150.00 each. I know the wheel was check. I don't know if the box was damage.If you claim the insurance usps will refund you the money. the tracking number if the insurance information. If you have any questions please contact me."

I dont feel like its my responsibility to have to pay to ship this wheel back and pay another $40 to send a good one to me(I believe that is what he is asking).

What do you guys think?
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