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Wheelie @ 116 mph Top speed @ 171mph

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Check it out. May take a long time to load up....
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Nice, but terrible road to do that on. There looks to be to many side roads where someone could turn out and you T-bone them. As for the top end, is that bike geared differently to reach that speed?
I'm pretty sure it's geared differently. He was probably doing 160 top speed. He was stupid and lucky he didn't kill himself. Mabey he was attempting suicide.....j/k

I got it from here:
i saw a friend start a stand up on the highway @ 138 mph
He needs to put that gay fringe that is on his key ring back on his harley's saddle bag.

And I also agree that is not too great of a choice of roads to be riding like that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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