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which bike cover to get

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well, my bike has to stay outside. and im tired of cleanin it all the time. whats a good cover to get for it?? i know i could run to wal-mart to get a decent one, but i want something supppper :)
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The Dowco covers seem to be pretty good. Price is around $50.
Comb said:
The Dowco covers seem to be pretty good. Price is around $50.
+1 on that, thats what i have it is great and really durable as well
i got one from wal mart years ago. just watch out when it gets windy. it could tip the bike over.
yeah the walmart one is pretty good. :p paid 20 bucks for it. And plus, it doesnt advertised expensive motorcyle on it :)

I love mine. supercheap too! Got it from
Save your pennies and get the Cycle Shell!

That thing is badass!
that cover is sweet. so basically it seems like any cover will work. dont they get moisture built up in them?? my bike stays in a lil alcove almost under roof. but when its windy the rain gets pushed onto it. it wont fall over either, not much wind hits it. i just wanna keep dust and rain off her!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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