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I was on a 160 mile trip from 0-6k-0 feet elevation (Wentworth Springs and ice house if you know it) early in the day at about 2k feet off throttle in 1st I noticed that I had essentially zero engine braking and heard a weird whooshing, sort of fluttering noise. It sounded like it was coming from the airbox, but seemed to move around as I moved around on the bike. After pulling over I couldn't see anything wrong and after a couple minutes of careful riding, it went away and I haven't felt it since (couple hundred miles or so). (Also my exhaust has been smelling slightly different, but no smoke or other weird behavior, so I'm willing to chalk that up to summer blend gas)

Relevant mods/info:
10k miles
Plated PAIR
Eliminated EGCV servo, valve is held open with bailing wire
Two bros Ti slip on
ZFi (currently zeroed map)
K&N standard filter
49state bike in CA

At first I thought it might be an exhaust leak since a friend of a friend accidentally kicked my tail (don't ask) but the rtv bead was perfect and there's no obvious damage (I do feel a slight leak around the edge of the back of the can, but I don't know if it was there before). I haven't looked in the airbox (I've had it off more than a few times, I just really don't feel like cracking it open when it seems to be running normal)

Really weird, but hopefully just a one time thing. Any ideas what could have caused it or anything specific I should check?
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