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Why did Honda stop making the CBR 600 RR?

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Hello everyone,
I love motorcycles and have a passion for it. I see on the market there are a lot of brands selling those lines. In it I particularly like the Honda CBR 600 RR. But I heard that Honda stopped making this model. Is that true? Hope everyone please give me the answer.
Thanks everyone.
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Thank you, fortunately the company is still in production.
They still sell the RR here in the US. We won’t get the updated version in the US but we still have a 21 model. They stopped developing it to meet the euro emissions so i don’t believe it’s available in Europe.

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It's just unfortunate that we won't see the 2021 in US. Many say that the R&D put in to the 600RR cost as much as 1000RR while the interest for super sport bike is on a decline. The trend is now toward upright comfortable riding position that's why we get the 650R or 500R and so on.
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