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Why do people always say "Your going to kill yourself on that thing?"

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I got in a "discussion" with my bradley gunner today about bikes and it was the same ol' story, friends of friends in high school always wrecked bikes and/or died on them, or my sisters brothers cousins friends aunts uncle died on a crotch rocket and u are to. Sure, I push the limits sometimes on the street and I understand the risk of it when I do, but those are fairly seldom instances, when i am riding normally I am as safe and responsible as I can be. U try to ride as responsibly as I can manage. I don't do wheelies down main street or down the highway as I know thats beyond my skill to do so safely (I know my limits on the street) AND I have a respect for our image as sport riders which I try to improve as much as I can with my interaction with other motorists on the road. That doesn't mean I ride semi-aggressively, I have come to the conclusion u have to to some degree in order to stay alive and keep the shiny side up. I pass vehicles who I think may not be able to see me or I suspect to be distracted (cell phone users anyone?). Riding is a risk I accept because I enjoy it more then almost anything in the world, its one of those things that if I had to explain it, u (the listener) wouldn't understand.

What do u say when someone gives u the "Your going to die on that thing." lecture.

Oh, and on a side note, this wasn't an arguement started in my best interests in mind, like someone afraid for your safety. This was one of those arguements started around people that don't ride and share the same opinion, basically to corner me and make me look like the "stupid private" that I apparently am.
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I tell people, "I'm here for a good time, not for a long time."
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