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why is the 600rr so heavy?

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i was looking at the 636 and it weighs like 20 lbs less than the 05 06... .wtf?
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I also own an R1, which is a bit heavier than the 600rr...but honestly it doesnt feel all that much heavier.

the last 600 I owned was also a yzf600r

And I can definately concur that theres a SIGNIFICANT weight difference there. 20lbs of weight is pretty trivial IMHO when comparing 2 different bikes...80 lbs is another story, haha.

More important than gross weight is how that weight is distributed. I can BET you that you could find a bike that's 20lbs or so heavier yet "feels" lighter due to its COG (center of gravity).

just my .02
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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