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Why we ride...

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I was reading an article in Motor Cyclist mag. (11/06 issue) about "Why we ride?" I wanted to here some of your responses on Why we ride?

I ride because, I get a superhuman feeling like flying along the earth and glancing at everything passing you by at speed. Looking down at the earth at 70 mph and knowing you are only inches from touching it. I get a calmness on my bike that when I am upset/angry after 10 minutes all my frustration is gone and I am focusing on making all curves seem straight. People that do not ride bikes look at me like I belong in a mental institution...Then why do others that ride bikes know exactly what I am talking about?

There were a few of the comments in the article where I could relate with. Here is one:

I ride because when I do, I can easily ignore pretty much all of my life's issues, and simultaneously focus on what's really important at that moment: the challenges of skillful riding and the intense rush of being at one with the bike, the corner and the moment. In that setting, whether it's total escapism or total clarity, I am fulfilled. by Paul DiMarchi, owner Northern Colorado BMW/Ducati
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Good points.

I also ride for those reasons. Also, because my life is at a high risk which ads to the andrenaline/rush I have a greater appreciation for life and an overall relaxation for where I am and where I can be.
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