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Why would anyone do this

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not sure, but that img tag is just crazy! :D
BigNasty said:
not sure, but that img tag is just crazy! :D im only laughing because i have done that so much in other postinf areas! :banghead:
Is it the snake skin bike with the fur seats and tank pad?
kierzkpa said:
What could you be possibly trying to show?
I see, very very UGLY! :bitchslap:
That bike looks like someone vandalized it. :cry: Some punk-ass tagger or something.
Kinda makes me sad to see such abeautiful bike get treated like that. :?:
Why in the hell would anyone do this to their beautiful CBR?? This dude or dudette needs to be admitted to the phsyche ward at the nearest hospital.. :shock:

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just a shame :nono:
:Sorry: to whoever did're absolutely, fantabulousitically :Supergay:
it's umm... creative? from a very open perspective... but yes it is defacing a RR :(
:shock: :evil:
Thats the best security system u can put on a bike.....Guaranteed not to be stolen.... The intending thief would throw up in an attempt to steal that bike!!! :shock:
Toss on a cage and 12bar and you have a trick looking stunt bike that you won't care about getting all scratched up.

Some people have too much $ if they can do **** like that to a new bike. :roll:
I think it needs a little something......
Perhaps some swing arm sliders.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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