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Okay, I'll bet very few have seen an issue like this, here it goes.

First off, everyone knows how when they turn the key on (but not start) their 600rr, their tachometer calibrates. It goes from 0 RPM to redline and back to 0 RPM. My problem is that this happens sometimes. Other times it doesn't do it at all, which is followed by the tach not working after starting. I rev the engine, the needle doesn't budge. Mind you, all the other displays work (i.e. fuel, speedo, etc.). Even the shift light works.

Other times it goes up, but comes back down to somewhere in the middle, say 4 rpm, or 12 rpm. In this case, when my bike is started and idling it is resting at 12. As soon as I get moving, the needle starts to rise. But because it is starting at 12 rpm, it is usually being pinned to the end, as the revs get higher than 4 or 5 rpm.

On the rare occasion, the tach works. It worked for one session out of eight last Saturday, the last. I really need this thing to work as I am new to the bike and am not that comfortable with just listening to the revs yet. The bike has 3,500 miles on it (mostly track), and everything else seems to work correctly.

A few items to note:
-battery is sorta weak, it starts every time, but if I leave the ignition in the 'on' position for more than 5 minutes, no chance (no headlights)
-lap timer installed
-aftermarket gear indicator installed
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