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Winter Makeover about to begin!

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Winter Makeover about done! Now with Pics!!

I'm about to have all the parts i need to start my makeover on my 04 600RR. It should turn out really good. I'll keep everyone posted. I am swapping the tail to an 06 tail and the upper fairing to an 06 and shaving the front turn signal and installing a set in the headlights, converting the front end to an 06, lightwieght wheels, power commander, everything that isn't satin black will be powdercoated to said color, plastics will all be painted either a black with charcoal metal flake or dupont super black, might do the 50/50 colored tomahawk tires, will build a undertail to smooth out the ass end, possibly different gearing, new seat covers, and will be building custom pipe that will exit by the the right foot at the lower fairing with a silencer built into it. Don't worry about mapping, my brother runs a dyno and does a hell of job mapping metric bikes, so we'll do one for this. Feel free to post opinions or suggestions. I'll keep you all posted on the progress of the "Black Bitch".

Here's a pic of her as of right now.

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