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So was searching the forums but didn't really get an answer to my question. Biggest problem for me riding during the winter is cold hands. Looking into either heated gloves, heated grips, or heated grips overlay.

Heated gloves
now probably be the best route but this is the most expensive, plus getting troller and all that.

Heated grips
I don't really like the grip replacements or ones that you install under your grips. Not sure how effective these would be.

Heated grips overlay
this one is quite interested, stumbled across oxford hot hands which is the same as heated grips but these just slip over your grips. But again how effective plus i like the idea of these being temps.

Read reviews here and there on all three but wanted to see what you guys think.

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I ride year round, in the snow even. I've tried all sorts of things. First off there is no such thing as warm gloves. Ride long enough or cold enough and your hands will get cold. The only real solution is to add heat some way.

I prefer Hot Grips. And I wire them differently. Instructions say to wire these in series and with a resistor for a low setting. I wire mine without a low setting and in parallel so they each get a full 12 volts. They get really hot. Hot enough to damn near burn you even through insulated leather gloves. Certainly hot enough that you have no choice but to turn them off for awhile. They retain the heat well too. The coldest I've had to ride in so far is 4 degrees F. My hands were not at all cold, my feet on the other hand... It was just a commute to work so I didn't bother with the heated socks.

Those stick-on Kimpex/Dual Star types were absolutely worthless mounted underneath the grips. I couldn't feel any heat. It was sucked into the bars. Taped over top the grips they were better but still no comparison to Hot Grips. Additionally, the stick-ons will burn through themselves.
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