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2004 Honda CBR 6000RR
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Hi Guys
I'm having wiring issues with a 04' CBR 600 RR - currently I'm just working on getting the wiring to the ECU correct, it seems like a few wires have been moved around on each connector as there are 3 wires not connected to anything.
I've been trying for a while to find a wiring diagram that matches whats on my bike and nothing I've found matches.
Below are the part numbers to be more specific on which diagram i need, ecu part number is what i have currently, not sure what my harness is as i dont have matching diagram:

ECU - 38770MEE613 (UK spec)
HARNESS - 32100MEE610

I've also made a diagram of how the bike is currently wired, it includes the wires that are loose. Hope the image is clear enough and it provides enough info.
Any type of assistance or input on what it should look like would be helpful.

Please let me know if more info. is needed.
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