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wiring the fan on?

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anyone know how to wire the fan so its perminitally on?

i know how to on an F4i but i cant figure it out on the RR....

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i wrote up a tutorial on how to make a switch. do a search for manual fan switch
anyone know if the fan and the thermostat are on the same eletrical system?

i was thinking, just run a power wire to the fan right after the fuse box. but if the thermostat is before it, than that is useless.
by before it, i mean the thermostat being before the fan and after the fuse box
i just put a switch on a jumper for the fan relay...
all you need to do is jump the ground wire and put a switch in there.
yeah. if you wire it straight to ground, it will run the whole time, key on or not.
unless you wire the ignition switch to a relay to control the fan, then it will be on only when the ignition is.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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