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Wiring Voltage

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Can somebody do me a huge favour with their 07 inwards CBR please?

On the right hand side of the bike, where the front sub-loom connects to the main loom (the large grey connector block) there is a small single wire connector running alongside it. The wire is pink with a green stripe.

Please could somebody undo this connector, flick on their ignition and give me the voltage reading please between the connectors?

I think it should be in the 12v range, but I may be wrong. Mine is currently showing 2v and is fluctuating. My fuel pump is not priming and the bike will not fire, it just turns over. I have checked pretty much EVERYTHING and this is a reason why it may not be starting correctly.

I had to change the original connector when it failed on me at a trackday, so I temporarily changed it for a cheap bullet connector, I now have a proper motorsports race spec connector to use, but I need to check the voltage is correct before I go ahead and fit it.

Many thanks in advance,

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That wire is the output of your speed sensor, it will have a ~10V p-p square wave signal on it that increases in frequency as the bike increases in speed.
Don't worry about it guys, I've sorted it, thanks anyway...
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