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CorleoneRR said:
Where did you hear about MotoGP at Laguna? has been talking a lot about it

It's still only rumours though ....but since Laguna's contract with WSBK is coming to an end this year and Barber won't be hosting them for sure due to lack of cash for the necessary modification ...well it's looking good

MotoGP defenitly want a GP in the U.S.A. to reach a bigger audience here

Nothing is signed but I think chance are pretty good

*fingers crossed*

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cvlighthouse ,
Where did you hear about MotoGP at Laguna?
My little sisters, best friend's, Aunt is a employee of Laguna and assistant to the head of the maintenence department and has been keeping me posted on the talks her boss is having with the company that puts on the Moto GP. The maintenence that has to be done is move building and bridge at start/finish & turn 1. And move the bridge at the bottom of the corkscrew. They are all to close to the track. It costs like millions to get it here, Laguna gets no endorsement money, only ticket sales and food. It will probably cost millions for the track upgrades.. Keeping my fingers crossed..

Laguna Seca officials were at the Catalan GP for talks with Dorna the MotoGP rights holders. And the two parties have reached a verbal agreement that the California circuit will run a round of the MotoGP World Championship during July 2005. Laguna thus gets the nod over Alabama's Barber circuit. But Laguna will only run a MotoGP race, supported by AMA events, rather than the 250cc and 125cc GPs. Laguna last hosted a GP race in 1994.
As I;ve understood it, a final decision has yet to be reached - SCRAMP / AMA still have to decide if its going to be a financially viable decision for them. They need to make 2 mil's worth of changes to the track, another couple mill in other costs, as well as paying Dorna for the race to be held there. Dorna gets all the money from advertising. The track only gets the money from concessions and (I believe) ticket sales.

But hopefully they'll be able to make it happen - but Barber has yet to be ruled out. The article in the recent sport rider suggests that "Dorna believes there's room for two USGPs in the future"
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