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WTB: 03-04 front cowl, left mid and lower fairings

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I have a 04 600rr in need of a front fairing and left side fairings. Black would be great but interested in anything in good shape. PM me if you have anything

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don't know if you've seen this yet. Not exactly what you're looking for but hope it helps.
Yeah i have seen that. i would prefer to find something not broken. thanks for the help though
I have silver lowers and black mids... send me your e-mail so I can send you pics...
Check the for sale forum. I have a Post there with a set of Mint Lowers. Let me know if you're interested. need of the piece under the tail....the black piece you see when you remove the passenger seat/solo cowl
i think that's called the inner/battery tray. make me an offer. I have one for an 03
i have blaack plastics for sale pm me your email and i will send you some pics
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